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Watershare Newsletter: New Vision, Activities and Knowledge Exchange
Dear Watershare Members and Community, 

Welcome to our quarterly newsletter. The Watershare community was active in the past months! We launched the Regionals Hubs and convened to co-create the vision and purpose of our community. Dive in and read more below.
Watershare launches 4 Regional Hubs!
Visit the website for more details about each Regional Hub and their leaders! (AySA | Latin America; KWR | Netherlands and Flanders; CERIDES | Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean; WRC | Sub-Saharan Africa)

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Members co-create vision and purpose of the Watershare community
Watershare members set their vision on how to address the challenges in the water sector. By collaborating and exchanging knowledge, the Watershare community can make an impact and contribute to the SDG’s.
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Haixing Liu, Dalian University of Technology publishes the latest research on water transfer infrastructure in China
Based on a newly compiled database of inter-basin water transfer projects in China, here we report a first national assessment of their effect on securing water supply in different basins.
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Harry Seah nominated Honorary Fellow
On March 4, 2021 Mr Harry Seah, Deputy Chief Executive (Operations) of PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency received KWR’s Honorary Fellow Award for his contribution to driving international collaboration in water science and management.
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As part of Regional Hubs, CERIDES, Regional Hub Leader of the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, hosted a World Water Day 2021 event! 
This event was hosted by Dr. Christos Argyropoulos and Dr. George Boustras, CERIDES, as part of the Regional Hub's launch in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. Speakers included Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, Director of Watershare, Clive Lipchin, Arava Institute in Israel, and George Demetriou from the Waterboard of Nicosia. 
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NextGen Webinar on Circular Water Solutions from Watershare Members: 9.00h
KIST, IVL, NTUA and KWR will participate in this webinar on Circular Water Solutions. Join us! 

For registration, please contact Maria Lousada Ferreira.
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Operators Without Borders Training - 13:00 to 17:00 (GMT – 3)
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