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Dear Watershare Members,

I hope you are all doing well as we enter into 2021! In 2020, we did not have the opportunity to see each other in person. Luckily, we were still able to come together online to share ideas on how to work together. We even had the largest turnout of members in our Strategic Meeting on COVID19 in June! With the pandemic, we quickly jumped on the opportunity and momentum to share our knowledge globally to have impacts locally, and we will continue to work on this important topic. We will also launch several new activities: (1) Regional Hubs and (2) a series of workshops to shape Watershare collectively for the near future.

We look forward to working together on strengthening our activities and engagement within the community. As always, if you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, our (virtual) door is always open!

All the best,
Watershare Engagement Manager,
Lisa Andrews
Member interviews
Rinske shares her ambitions for Watershare in our latest interview! Rinske Potjewijd, Watershare’s communications expert, speaks about her experience and vision for Watershare in the coming year. Read more.
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Webinar organised by AySA to identify water sector innovations for 2021
AySA, ALOAS, KWR and Watershare recently organised the webinar "Innovating in the water sector 2021: Where to start?", A virtual event for everyone involved with water and sanitation in Latin.

Aims were to share experiences, analyse trends, and investigate joint innovation projects for Latin America in the water sector.
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Watershare website news
To make the Watershare website more dynamic and engaging, and to share member news, we have added a Twitter stream to the website. Check it out here and make sure to share your news items on Twitter and tag @Water_share!
Trend: Water futures trading on the stock exchange
Gonzalo Meschengieser, AySA mentioned this topic as a trend to follow and how we could respond to it as a community. We would like to propose that Watershare members co-author a blog post or article on how water futures trading could impact our different regions/organisations. Please let Lisa Andrews know if you would like to participate.
Sim4Nexus Serious Game (SG)
To successfully implement innovative technological, business and governance solutions, we need to involve all relevant stakeholders and citizens. Serious Games (SG) are an effective way to organise this participation as they provide actual engagement, exchange of opinions and experiences, and collective learning. The Sim4Nexus SG and an Augmented Reality application allow citizens to visualise and understand options and challenges in a circular approach to water management. The Sim4Nexus SG enables stakeholders to understand the interlinkages between sectors, and experts to review the most effective policies to address cross-sectoral synergies and trade-offs.

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